1.   A 90-day supply of the Morning Master supplement for FREE ($128.97 value) ! 
It will be shipped to you the second that you sign up. You’ll be utilizing the supplement in the program as we go through different phases. Whether it’s meal planning or intermittent fasting, Morning Master will become your new best friend for energy and focus without the diet brain crash!
2.   A Facebook Community Group
Losing weight/getting in shape can be a lonely experience for everyone. You’ll love having access to other friends who are going though the same process of transformation that you are. I will be posting videos about the psychological aspects you’ll be facing and teaching you how to combat them. This is where you'll be equipped to break the influence of food and step into power over your decisions.
3.   Access to a convenient, private exercise app with your individualized workouts
The best program is the one you’ll actually follow. The delivery system of workouts and tracking should be easy and convenient. This is where I’ll upload your workouts and I will keep you accountable to them. You’ll never have to question your workout for the day or go searching to find it. Simply open the app on your iPhone or Android device and get to work. 
4.   A FREE phone consultation
I need to know who I’m coaching! This is where we build our blueprint. The moment you sign up, I’ll be reaching out to you via text to set up a time to connect. During our call I’ll be constructing your plan and getting to know your greatest needs. Everyone is different and requires unique planning. If you’re simply looking for a workout template with no interaction with your coach—this program isn’t for you.
5.   Meal planning & tracking
There are an infinite number theories around getting in shape/losing weight but the simple truths stand firm. As meal planning is connected to our app, you’ll be tracking your food for 90 days and sharing that journal with me. I don’t want you to guess and see what happens. I want you to know exactly what you can and can’t eat, and to get great at making choices for your new lifestyle. I’m here to change your life.

$197 a month for 3 MONTHS
ONE-TIME $497 ($100 SAVINGS!)

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Elite Vitamins, Energy, & Hydration Complex
Anti-Brain Fog Formula


Hey, friend! My name is Justin Black and I’m the creator of Morning Master. By coaching men and women across the USA, I found a correlation between success in the mornings and health overall. How we start is often how we finish. But so many people have a hard time with physical energy and mental clarity right when they wake up!

By wrecking my own health multiple times on my journey, I’ve found brain-fog to be at the root cause of so many issues. I just didn’t feel good, I couldn’t figure out why, and I would overindulge in things I knew I should stay away from. We all know how hard it is to make good decisions when you feel drained or scattered.

Creating an ecosystem for immediate success in the morning will only build momentum throughout your day. The power-packed formula of Morning Master is specifically designed to destroy brain fog, hydrate you (unlike competitors, which usually dehydrate), refuel vitamin and minerals storages, and of course caffeinate you. You can take this product anytime in the day, but first thing in the morning is best.

Whether you’re headed to the gym or the office, you will be feeling incredible!

I designed this incredible product with professionals in mind: those who demand the very best quality and price.

My hope and prayer is that this product will bring you an incredible wake up call to take on life. You will feel more alert, focused, and ready to take on your day as you become a morning master with us!



I lost a total of 30lbs and put on more muscle mass than I ever could have imagined and feel so good. My favorite part of the program was how easy the app was to use. I see so many people around the gym just wandering around and that was me! It felt amazing to know exactly what I’m going to put in my body and what workout I'm going to do. Justin was so helpful with substituting certain exercises I couldn’t do and purely encouraging me. I felt so celebrated by him.


I needed to get ready for my wedding!!! I have always been active my entire life which has kept me in good shape, but I have never felt this good before. Not only feeling strong on the outside but on the inside as well. This program kept me accountatable and got me back into the gym where I now feel like I know what I’m doing instead of feeling lost without the structure I used to always have. I highly reccomned this program and I am so ready to get married!


I spent 20 years super self conscious about my appearance and weight. However, I knew I used food to comfort and medicate myself. I tried everything: fasting, all protein, heavy cardio and it would all just come back. Years of wasted time. Then I signed up for coaching with Justin. I live a fast paced lifestyle and he tailor suited my workouts and food since he knew I wanted an aggressive transformation. Every single thing he said would happen, happened. I went from 268 and I’m about to hit 212. I now am educated on all my fitness and food protocols and no longer live as a victim guessing and in the “unknown” approach. I’ll be here longer for my kids and marriage and I can outrun other guys my age in productivity and life. Thanks Justin. You changed my life. From fat dad bod to strong and in control.
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